15 Presents Your Dog NEEDS This Christmas!

Updated: May 27, 2020

Whether it’s your pup’s 1st or 10th holiday, let’s be honest: they deserve a gift...or five.

For so many of us, pets are considered to be another member of the family! Think about it...how embarrassed would you be if you forgot to give one of your family members a Christmas gift? Mortified, I know. That’s why you NEED to stock up on a few gifts for your furry friends!

We’ve compiled a list of our favorite Christmas presents for your dog this year! Whether you grab one item on this list or all 15 (we don’t judge here!), you’ll have your pup’s presents planned quicker than you can say Feliz Navidog.

1. Orbee-Tuff Lump of Coal, $15.99

Naughty puppy in the house for Christmas this year? Ahhh, we know you still love ‘em just as much!

Why we love it:

-One of the most durable toys around!

-Non-toxic, BPA and phthalate-free

-Bouncy, floaty and minty! Your pup will adore this.

2. L’Chaim Orbee-Tuff Holiday Ball, $15.49

A toast to your dog’s life! Coming in 2 sizes, this ball serves as the perfect bouncy ball for fetch or a tough chew toy for dogs that rip every toy you bring home.

Why we love it:

-Comes in two size options: 4’ or 2.5’ inch diameter

-Bouncy, floaty, and minty!


3. Guru - Interactive and Durable, Chewy Puzzle, $20.99

Looking for interactive dog toys that will keep your pup preoccupied for hours? Look no further! Make sure you stock up on this one - it’s on sale!

Why we love it:

-So much to do with it...stick a bully stick through the middle, wedge treats in the crevasses, or smother the inside with peanut butter

-Guaranteed to last!

-Comes in either blue or purple, you pick!

4. Lil’ Dipper, $9.49

Is it your puppy’s first Christmas? With all the features of the other Orbee-Tuff toys, this is the best toy for small dogs and puppies 15 pounds and under.

Why we love it:

-Treat hole perfect for bite-sized snacks

-Doesn’t look like it, but it’s got some bounce to it to switch up your fetch game

-Chewy but not tough, soothing and satisfying for their teeth.

-2.75 inches wide, perfect size for small pups

5. Blueberry Pet 20+ Patterns Christmas Festival Dog Collar Collection, $9.99 *ON SALE, USUALLY 17.99*

Looking for an alternative to sweaters for your Christmas card this year? Here’s your solution! With over 20 different Christmas-themed patterns, this collar will put your pet in the holiday spirit!

Why we love it:

- Bow tie attached to collars for extra holiday pazazz (bow tie is also detachable!)

-Belt-like buckle closure for easier adjustment

-Each bow is handmade

6. Zippy Paws - Holiday Squeakie Buddies 3 Pack, $9.99

Meant for the puppy or small dog in your life, this 3 pack of squeaky toys (santa, rudolph, snowman) are bound to get your pup in the Christmas spirit.

Why we love it:

-No stuffing - lasts longer!

-Perfect for small and medium dogs with sensitive teeth/gums

-Your dog will love the squeak!

7. 5pcs Dog Bandana - Plaid Printing, $12.99

Not a fan of collars? We get it...that’s why we’ve also listed this 5-pack of plaid printed bandanas! 5 holiday bandanas for under $15? That’s what we call a STEAL.

Why we love it:

-Breathable and durable

-Suitable for dogs of many different sizes

-Reversible -- different print on each side of the 5 bandanas, so you’re really getting 10 various designs!

8. Furbo Dog Camera: Treat Tossing, Camera, and 2-Way Audio, $169.00

When you’re out and about for the day, do you find yourself wishing you could check in with your dog, juuuust to make sure they’re doin’ alright? The Furbo Dog Camera makes this all possible!

Why we love it:

-Full HD Camera + Night vision: the livestream video monitors your pet with a 160 degree angle view, day and night!

-2 way audio - senses when your dog is barking and notifies you so you can calm them down with your sweet voice!

-Treat tossing - you whispering sweet nothings to your dog isn’t doing anything? Treats are the answer to all! Fill up the Furbo with your dogs’ favorite treats and play a game of catch no matter how far you are!

9. Trader Joe’s Salmon & Sweet Potato Advent Calendar, $31.88

Did you local Trader Joe’s sell out of this hot-ticket item before you could get your hands on one? Do you love your dog and want them to experience a joy-filled Christmas? We’ve got your back.

Why we love it:

-Natural treats with only two ingredients (Atlantic Salmon + Sweet Potato)

-Cute design for everyday!

-Your dog will love the treats and the fun around these

10. PetSafeSolvit PupSTEP Plus Stairs, $31.95

Your poor pup can’t jump onto your bed! This gift is ideal for helping your pet reach their favorite places throughout the house. C’mon, help ‘em out!

Why we love it:

-Supports up to 150 pounds, extremely durable

-Easy storage - easily folded and can be tucked away when needed

-Comfortable access - built in side rails and non skid feet help pets feel safe and secure while going up or down

11. Heating Pad for Dogs with Timer, $39.70

For those of you that are spending the holidays in a winter wonderland, this heating pad is guaranteed to keep your pup warm and cozy all day long. White Christmas? No problem.

Why we love it:

-Temperature adjustable heating pad with 6 levels and a range from 86-131 degrees F

-Built in timer - auto shuts down when you want it with 5 levels.

-Flame retardant and waterproof enclosure. Highest grade flame retardant capability

12. Anddicek Interactive Toys for Dogs, $18.99

Does your dog always seem to have the energy levels of a 5 year old that just drank 2 cups of coffee (we’re not talking decaf, either)? Stock up on this 3 pack of laser pointers to get your dog moving while you lounge on the couch...win win.

Why we love it:

-Great for cats, too!

-3 different colors super bright - red, green, violet

-High quality and long lasting -- aluminum alloy body, brass module, integrated microchip internal structure

13. Orbee Ball with Rope, $20.99

Is your dog a fan of tug of war? This Orbee Ball with Rope is the perfect tug toy for the most aggressive chewers.

-Top rack dishwasher safe


-Bouncy, chewy, and buoyant -- perfect for the dog park, the beach, or just a day at home

14. Eco-Friendly Duraplush SpringyBots Toy, $20.99

Not to be biased, but this is one of the most fun toys you’ll ever buy for your pup. This plush toy is interactive and tough, but probably not the best option for a heavy chewer.

Why we love it:

-Made with EcoFill Recycled Filling, consisting of post-consumer recycled plastic bottles #SavetheEarth

-Tough 2-ply bonded laminated

-Double stitched turn seams, durable

15. PAWZ Max Wax Paw Protector, $12.09

Maybe your pup’s got enough toys and is in need of a little #selfcare. This Max Wax is a natural way to protect your pup’s paws against chemical burn whether it be from ice, hot pavement, sand, or snow.

Why we love it:

-100% all natural, no alcohol, scent, or odor -- human grade ingredients (beeswax, lanolin, and vitamin e) nontoxic

-Hydrophobic , water rolls right off!

-Moisturizes dry/cracked paws

So...what’s it gonna be? 1 toy? 2? Or all 15?

There are affiliate links in this post. We make small earnings through any purchases made through these links. Thank you for supporting Hunter's Pet Sitting!

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